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Brian J Gilman                                                          


 Artist Bio:

   I am living the American dream.   Running my own business for the past 25 years, I am designing and creating works of art that are       

   inspired by the world that surrounds me.  I work out of my eco-friendly building that my wife and I built behind our home.  I have

   worked with many different mediums throughout my life but the ones that satisfy me the most are metals.  I have been designing and

   fabricating metal objects and furniture for 35 years.


  Owner-operator: Brian Gilman Metal Smith LLC.

   Multi-Material experience that includes:

  • Metal pre-finish and finishing

  • Welding

  • Metal Patination

  • Black Smith

  • Hot and cold forging

  • Restoration, duplication, modification

  With nearly 35 years experience as a metal craftsmen

  I have the ability to design and manufacture metal furniture and urns.

  I am a goal-oriented individual who is highly motivated, and detail-oriented

  with a proven ability to work with shop owners, retailers

  and interior designers.        


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